Roberto Mayor was awarded the first LASDB Prize in Developmental Biology during the 17th International congress of Developmental Biology which was held in Cancun, Mexico, June 16-20, 2013.

Roberto Mayor receiving the prize from the president of LASDB, José Xavier Neto.

LASDB Prize in Developmental Biology

The LASDB Prize is awarded not more than once a year to a person who has made a major contribution to developmental biology.  The award is made at the LASDB meeting, where the winner will be invited to give a plenary lecture.


Nominees should be outstanding developmental biologists. Nominations should be sent directly to the LASDB president by the closing deadline. Nominations should consist of a short statement of support (maximum 1 page A4) from a proposer, stating why the candidate is suitable for the prize. Self-nomination is not allowed. Neither the proposer, nor the candidate needs to be LASDB members. It is desirable, but not essential, for the nominee to have shown a positive impact in Latin American science.

Prize Selection committee:

The prize selection committee will be formed by at least nine (9) and a maximum of thirteen (13) outstanding developmental biologists. It is desirable, but not essential, for the committee member to have shown an involvement with, or active interest in Latin American science. Being a member of the prize selection committee is incompatible with being nominated as a candidate for the prize. If a member of the committee is nominated he/she should choose between staying in the committee and renounce as candidate, or resign to the committee.

The LASDB president will chair the prize selection committee. For the first award the LASDB president will receive suggestions for the prize selection committee from LASDB members and will propose a prize selection committee to the LASDB board. The committee will last 4 years.




For approval of the LASDB Prize by the board: June 15 th 2012

For the LASDB members to submit names for the selection committee to the president: July 15th

For the president to propose the committee to the board: July 30th

For the approval by the LASDB board of the selection committee proposed by the president 31st August 2012

For nominations of 2013 LASDB Prize: 31st October 2012

For the final selection of 2013 LASDB Prize winner: 15th December 2012

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